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Escaping the Growth Trap — Mark Green

June 16, 2019

Many CEOs fall into the “growth trap” as their business scales. What is it, and how do you avoid it? Mark Green, author of Activators, shares strategies on the best ways to find personal and business growth. 



Takeaways + Tactics

  • Leaders MUST discover personal growth.  Without it, their teams cannot advance. 
  • How to ask the right questions when interviewing for a senior role
  • Surrounding yourself with people who challenge your ego is crucial for business growth
  • Want better results?  Change your neighborhood…


Guest Bio

Mark Green is the CEO of the Performance Dynamics Group. As a strategic advisor and coach, Mark has helped countless CEOs and business leaders to success. He is passionate about helping business owners within the $50-400 million category scale up their companies. Mark is the author of Activators.

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