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Changes & Challenges in Today’s Aviation Industry with Paul Lange

December 14, 2018

With so many shifts happening in the aviation industry, the big question is whether regulators and stakeholders are keeping up with the changes. What are some of the biggest challenges when it comes to pilots, mechanics, and airports? What are the demands that regulators have to meet? How can consumers protect themselves in an age of charter by-the-seat aviation? On this episode, aviation attorney Paul Lange shares some of the exciting and challenges changes happening in our world.


What we’re doing on a day-to-day basis is dealing with the future of what our industry is going to look like in the next 5,10, and 15 years. -Paul Lange


Takeaways + Tactics

  • “Democratization of Business Aviation” presents significant regulatory challenges.

  • Insurance companies DO have a say.  And their regulations may be stricter than those of the FAA.

  • It’s not just pilots and mechanics— airports are also threatened by legislation and the perceptions of people living near them.


At the start of show, we talked about how the charter industry has changed and evolved from the days of illegal charters, and how regulatory boards still have to catch up to all the new developments taking place.  We talked about whether these new charter companies can lawfully operate with an on-demand air carrier certificate or a commuter authority. Paul also shared on the work he’s doing in the new developing areas of aviation, why airports are under attack and some recent legal cases in the industry. We also mentioned how a person getting a charter jet can protect themselves in the event of an incident.

We also discussed;  

  • Pilot shortages and mechanics
  • Legal ramifications of the Falcon 50 crash in South Carolina and the Hinman grey charter case
  • The standard of FAA regulations

People are finding innovative ways to fly and make money off of aircraft, and it’s driving the huge wave of change that’s hitting the industry right now. As the democratization of business jets rises, regulatory boards need to be prepared. They need to be ready to provide standards and guidance material to keep up with the new needs of the industry, new ways to bring talented pilots into the industry and new ways to protect the public. We are a dynamic industry with a lots of changes happening and a lot of opportunities. It’s something to be excited about.


Guest Bio

Paul Lange represents aviation businesses in solving significant and challenging problems. His background litigating and trying to verdict judgment aviation matters nationwide before federal and state courts as well as administrative agencies, sometimes simultaneously, brings a breadth of opportunities to the table when seeking to resolve disputes at their earliest opportunity or in complicated business structures restricted by regulatory overlays. In addition to remaining current trying cases, Paul’s transactional and aviation regulatory practice includes formation, mergers and acquisitions of fixed base operators (FBO’s), air carriers, air charter brokers, public charter operators, maintenance and repair organizations (MRO’s), and the purchase, sale and lease of aircraft. Go to