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Focus on the Cause of Business Failures, Not the Symptoms w/ Alex Vorobieff

July 27, 2018

Many business owners get stuck in the details and miss the bigger picture. Alex Vorobieff, author of Transform Your Company, helps companies fix the root causes of business failures.



Hiring based on behavior is far more important than hiring on trainable skills. -Alex Vorobieff

Takeaways + Tactics

  • Business transformation starts at the top.  Leadership must accept responsibility and affect change.
  • Root Cause Analysis is a valuable tool.  Don’t just accept a defeat… identify what caused it.   
  • Core Values MUST be factored into the hiring process.  Companies AND executives must be aligned.

Teaching skills is easy. Training or teaching behavioral patterns is not. Identifying good cultural fit is done via identification of core values, and what makes a culture unique. What are YOUR core values?


Guest Bio:

A highly sought-after speaker, business alignment coach, and the author of Transform Your Company, Alex Vorobieff has helped scores of business owners replace chaos with clarity and finally attain the success they’ve always imagined. Alex is the founder and CEO of The Alex Vorobieff Company, a premier business transformation company. Go to for more information, or contact Alex directly at