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Rules to Get A+ Talent w/Matt Johnson

June 22, 2018


What are the traits of A+ Players, and how do we get them? Matt Johnson and Craig Picken share insight on finding A+ talent.


Nothing drives businesses more crazy than people who are afraid of making decisions. -Craig Picken


Takeaways + Tactics

  • The two most important business assets are intellectual capacity and ability to adjust to rapidly changing markets
  • Hiring Managers MUST be immersed in the hiring process.  It cannot be outsourced.
  • “A” Players will hire other “A” Players, “B” Players will not.  “A” Players WILL NOT WORK for “B” Players. 
  • The more people involved in the hiring decision, the less chance an A Player will get hired.
  • “A” Players will fix the problem.  “B” Players, in the budget, will not.