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How Can Anyone Make Money? Boeing, Airbus, Partnering for Success, Consolidation and Trade Wars w/Kevin Michaels

May 17, 2018

Thought leader Kevin Michaels draws from his 30 years of experience and shares insights on the current state of the aerospace industry.


We are in an industry with enormous entry barriers and incredible complexity. -Kevin Michaels

Takeaways + Tactics

  • While the behemoths are rising, the independents are laser focused for success.
  • Air travel demand is on fire globally with 7% annual growth, driving up asset prices.
  • Boeing has set aggressive goals which will change the company mindset and shake up expectations.
  • US-driven trade wars and sanctions are driving uncertainty in the supply chain, particularly in raw materials.

We also shared insights on:

  • The tremendous uncertainty in supply (both uranium and aluminum)
  • The impact of geopolitics on the aerospace industry
  • Airlines and the growth of outsourcing in the last few decades

The aerospace industry is growing, but we are also living in times filled with uncertainty when it comes to aluminum and uranium, caused by the U.S sanctions on Russian oligarchs. There are 3 strategies that companies can use to grow: low costs, differentiators, and focus. At the moment, the market is evolving towards focus and narrower niches, but the optimistic growth plans set by companies like Boeing can easily be impacted by foreign suppliers.

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